A Space to talk about… Identity

This resource can be used with any of the emotional learning cards. It explores identity, using contemporary art to consider race, difference, diversity and what gives us a sense of belonging.

This resource was developed by A Space with input from iniva (Institute of International Visual Art) and piloted by teachers who trialled it with upper school students at Stoke Newington Secondary School and Sixth Form in London. It is designed to be used in any setting including schools, universities, community or gallery workshops, home-schooling lessons, mental health/ wellbeing centres and individual or group therapy sessions. The facilitator could be a teacher, mentor/support worker, seminar leader, artist, psychologist, creative therapist, psychotherapist or an NHS/mental health practitioner.

The images and questions can be copied into a PowerPoint presentation with the educator/therapist’s prompts being transferred to the PPP facilitator’s notes section. If used in therapy sessions, the images and questions can be printed as a paper copy or shown on a laptop.

Educators/therapists can use the suggested scripts included below either verbatim or they can be adapted or re-written to suit the age group and the session’s objectives. Alternatively, this resource can be used simply as background reading to stimulate the educator or therapist’s  thinking about how the emotional learning cards can be used.

Image credit: Juan Pablo Echeverri ‘miss fotojapon’ 1998 to present. Photobooth pictures. Courtesy of the artist.