• Painting by James Northcote of actor Ira Aldridge as Othello
    James Northcote, Ira Aldridge as Othello, The Moor of Venice, 1826 Oil on canvas 76.2cm X 63.5cm © Manchester Art Gallery

    Stories told and untold

    This article accompanies the launch of two new digital resources: 'A Return to Breath', featuring a watercolour series by Jade de Montserrat, and 'Making that remembers…' a correspondence between emotion and materials, based on artworks and works in progress by Maria Amidu.

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  • Maria Amidu, episode(s), work in progress, 2022, Tosa shi paper, indigo, laser etch as featured in the digital set of emotional learning cards entitled Making that remembers… a correspondence between emotion and materials
    Maria Amidu. 'Episode(s)', work in progress 2022. Tosa shi paper, indigo, laser etch.

    Lines of Connection

    This article threads together key influences and ideas that shaped the development of the emotional learning cards.

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  • Informed Outcomes: Self-rating measures and their use in psychodynamic therapy with adolescents

    Therapists are choosing (or being required by their services) to incorporate written assessment procedures such as self-rating questionnaires into their practice. Based on an A Space and University of Essex study, the relative merits and disadvantages of using such protocols in work with adolescents are considered.

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  • People stood on top of pillars in Lu Chunsheng’s photograph entitled I want to be gentleman No. 3, 2000
    Lu Chunsheng. I want to be gentleman No. 3, 2000. Photograph.

    How do we live well with others?

    'How do we live well with others?' is a searching question underpinning the work of philosophers, psychotherapists, and cultural theorists such Professor Stuart Hall who was influential in early campaigns for social and racial justice and a central figure in the founding of Iniva, becoming its first Chair.

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  • Two people kissing in front of an urban skyline in Campbell X's ‘Stud Life’ artwork
    Campbell X. ‘Stud Life’ 2013.

    What do relationships mean to you?

    Our identity and relationship patterns are influenced by the messages we pick up from those around us. Whether we're aware of it or not, our family's notions of what is permissible - or the opposite - will be conveyed to us from early childhood onwards. 

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  • A manatee illustration against a green and yellow painted background in artwork Insecure by Shiraz Bayjoo
    Shiraz Bayjoo. 'Insecure' 2017.

    Reflecting on the A-Z of Emotions

    We all have feelings that we try to avoid experiencing or just ‘bottle up’. Being able to register and name all our emotions, reflect on them, and respond appropriately helps us to foster and sustain meaningful, mutually supportive relationships.

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  • Uncover, discover, create

    Exploring identity, difference and diversity is always relevant, compelling, and emotionally resonant. Each of us must work out who we really are, which usually includes challenging some of our skewed self-perceptions as well as re-thinking our place in the world.

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  • A pair of shoes strung together
    Aya Haidar. 'Peregrinations' 2008.

    Reflections on Identity

    Featuring themes from the Emotional Learning Cards 'Who are you? Where are you going?'

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  • Digitised collage, acrylic ink on paper with archival lithograph depicting two heads
    Shiraz Bayjoo. Image illustrating ‘Democracy’ 2017. Digitised collage, acrylic ink on paper with archival lithograph.

    The Making of Meaning

    Published in Engage magazine, this article uses emotional learning cards to explore questions such as 'What is “the self” and how is it formed?'

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