A Space to talk about… Our Self-Parts

This resource explores how we can get to know ourselves better, re-wire how we think and act, and balance our self-talk.

We all have a number of self-parts as well as their opposites. Each of our parts has developed in relation to what we we’ve experienced in life. For instance, if we’ve had many challenging situations or painful losses to cope with, our less hopeful self-part might be stronger than our more positive and optimistic self-part. Or if we feel our needs are generally met and life isn’t too stressful or doesn’t seem too unfair, our calm and more content self-part may be dominant. If so, we might be less likely to get frustrated or to see only the negative. Life events – and our feelings in response to what we experience – can be complicated! But nothing is fixed in place. If our less hopeful or more negative self-part seems to be more frequently in the fore, we can adjust our self-talk and bring more balance into our thinking.