A Space to talk about… Bereavement

This resource supports the exploration and understanding of loss and how to begin talking about bereavement.

When someone passes away, it is often described as a bereavement. The word ‘bereaved’ comes from Old English. It means to have something or someone taken away. Although we know that we will all die at some point, death is very hard to focus on or talk about. 

If you’ve been bereaved, you may want to start by describing your experience of loss.  It can be useful to go through the questionnaire entitled ‘Bereavement & how to talk about it’ which is included at the end of this handout. Or you may prefer to start with a more general exploration of the subject using the commentary and questions below to support you in this reflection. There is no right or wrong way to approach the subject.  What is important is to find a way into talking about bereavement even if it might feel difficult at first.