A Return to Breath

These digital cards, produced in partnership by iniva and A Space for Manchester Art Gallery as part of iniva's Future Collect project, stimulate discussion, art making, reflection, diary writing, storytelling and creative play on a range of themes relating to identity and belonging.

The text on the reverse can help to open up new ways of thinking about group and individual experiences, especially those related to belonging and its opposite – feeling marginalised, ‘less than’ or excluded.

A useful first step is to read through the commentary and questions provided on the back of each card as part of your own professional development and to familiarise yourself with the ideas discussed. You can then decide on key themes to focus on in your workshop or group session. It is not necessary to stick to the provided text. You can lift out concepts that you feel will resonate most for your target audience.

Image credit: Jade de Montserrat, ‘I began to distinguish the gleam’, 2021