About the cards

A Space & Iniva’s Emotional Learning Cards encourage emotional literacy, support and critique ‘meaning-making’ and challenge stereotypical ideas about who makes art and why it’s made. Each set highlights different topics, which you can explore with students, clients and workshop participants.

It is now widely accepted that emotional wellbeing relies on developing the capacity to:

  • name all of our feelings; recognise what triggers them; contain and think about them; and understand the links between our thoughts, emotions and behaviour
  • be in touch with our unconscious biases and challenge them
  • recover and learn from our more difficult experiences
  • recognise our strengths and unique qualities and build on them
  • reflect on what makes us who we are and shape who we want to become

Our Emotional Learning Cards have been specifically designed support these aims.

Front and back of Emotional Learning Cards


What do you feel? links each artwork to a particular feeling state or emotionally resonant experience which is discussed, and questions posed.
Who are you? Where are you going? stimulates thinking about the ways in which individual and collective experiences shape our sense of self and influence future choices.
How do we live well with others? raises awareness of the impact of similarities and differences in our understanding of our self and others and explores common relationship challenges.
What do relationships mean to you? opens up themes relating to sexual identities, gender identity, gender roles and intimate relationships.
Let’s talk about values covers key life values including the British Values identified by the UK government as essential to living well with others. Find out how Iniva and A Space have used art to teach British Values.
A to Z of Emotions pairs feeling states and emotionally resonant experiences with letters of the alphabet exploring those which are most uncomfortable as well as their opposites. This set serves as a good introduction to building an emotional vocabulary.
A to Z of Leadership looks at what we mean by ’emotionally intelligent leadership’ and the conscious and unconscious influences on how we take up leadership roles.
You can also match our Reflecting on Feelings prompt cards to images from any of the emotional learning card sets.