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About us

At A Space, we believe in the value of making ideas from psychotherapy relevant to everyday life. We do this via our work as therapists, our books published by Routledge, and our emotional learning resources co-produced with the Institute of International Visual Arts (iniva) which combine compelling contemporary art with psychologically informed commentary and questions.

Hands holding a selection of Emotional Learning Cards


Shiraz Bayjoo Image illustrating ‘Uncomfortable’ 2014. Digitised collage, acrylic ink on paper with archival lithograph Courtesy of the artist.


The Making of Meaning

Published in Engage magazine, this article uses emotional learning cards to explore questions such as ‘What is “the self” and how is it formed?


Bringing our histories into school-based therapy: How therapists’ backstories enrich work with children and young people

This is a book that delves into the relationship between therapists’ sometimes fraught engagement with their own emotional histories and those of their clients, offering a creative template for opening up important conversations.

sycamore seeds falling
Falling 1 by Neeta Madahar