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Quality Assurance Funding

‘A Space for Support’ runs in partnership with universities which offer the following post-graduate courses:

The Universities working in partnership with A Space are those that have registered their courses with the BACP, UKCP, HPC, BAAT and/or  BAPT. Trainees from these courses can apply for one or two year placements on the ‘A Space for Support’ team. 

Senior practioners on the A Space team also work in partnership with school leadership teams to design and deliver training, consultation and support sessions for school staff.

All members of the ‘A Space for Support’ team work in collaboration with school staff, educational psychologists, parental involvement teams, mental health nurses, CAMHS teams and the local authority’s Children’s Services. This partnership work includes joint service monitoring and evaluation.

Partnership projects with The Institute of International Visual Arts (iniva) are an important feature of the arts workshop and publications programme.